Bergco Coin.




PoW/PoS & Masternodes.


We Utilise the X14 algorithm for PoW mining our blocks.

Modifier Interval

We have set our Interval to every 20 mins.

Target Timespan

We have an expected Target Time span of 20 mins.

Max Block Size

We have set the maximum block size to 128 mb, This should help us to keep moving healthily in the future.

Block Time

Our expected block time should be no more than 52 secs per block.

Minting Maturity

We have a set amount of confirmations required to spend minted coins which is 52 Blocks to mature.

Min Stake Age

the minimum time before your coins will stake is 2 hours

Max Stake Age

The maximum age your coins can be to stake is set to 21 days

Staking Reward

The Annual percentage for rewards is set to 64.86% per annual year.

Master Node Amount

The required collateral amount to run a Master Node on our network is set to 20,000 BERG.

Master Node Fee

We have set the fee for the Master Node tx to 0.01 BERG.

Master Node Reward

The Master Node rewards have been set to 1/3 the block value or 33.33%.

Tx Fee

the minimum tx fee to send BERG is 0.0003 BERG per kb.

Tx Time

The transactions should be confirmed in no longer than 4 blocks or 208 seconds, whichever comes first.

InstantX Min Sigs

Minimum signatures required to run InstantX is 4 sigs

InstantX Max Sigs

Maximum signatures required to run InstantX is 12 sigs


Our rpc port is rpcport=12089

P2P Port

Our p2p port is port=12088

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